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When the time isn't matter, everything is possible

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 14 September 2015 06:55 (A review of Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow)

Time travel is such a magic, it also involves great tragic.

One of the proofs that Indian films are getting better every year. Very soon it will be placed next to the Hollywood, ahead of European, Japanese, Korean for sure when it comes to international revenue. Because there's fierce competition between Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood and many more. Not only among the filmmakers, but fanbase as well.

It is happening because of the younger generation. While they are experimenting and propelling to the future, the senior filmmakers and artists are wasting their reputation for mindless commercial films which is only moving backwards. It's time for non-Indians to learn about other than Bollywood and I also hate when people call all the Indian movies Bollywood.

While 'Endhiran' making its debut, they said it will ignite the sci-fi era in Indian cinema. Half a decade has passed and of course, some films came, but this is the major time travel movie I have ever seen in the Tamil language. Though, it was a B category movie. Because the cast has no major star values other than in the local market and it was directed by an incoming filmmaker. I think it was well written screenplay, it was not an intelligent, but easily understandable by everyone. I mean even by the older and rural people.

Time travel is not new in Indian films, but very very least explored theme. It did not waste time to explain the rules and mechanism from the basics, I think because of familiarity with Hollywood flicks among Indian audience. But still keeps a very simple story and due to layers in time (not the story), looks a little muddle. Not easy to predict, but feels like missed by a very close to fingertip.

All in his movie, Vishnu has done a wonderful job, but only a couple of films were somewhat widely recognised. Mainly because of the low cost movies and failed to promote, in another way to say, filmfestivel movies. Yet another similar outcome from this one which should have helped him to rise, but did not. He is a best all-rounder in the CCL's Rhino, hope his day will come as an actor well.

Telling a girl and posting on facebook is the same.

The other actor, Karunakaran was also excellent. He was the comedian and the sidekick before this film, but in here he one of the two leads. Like I always say, the songs are the drawback in Indian films and in this film they did not completely discarded, but reduced the numbers by around 50 per cent. The good thing is, all the songs were with the story, not some unnecessary drag to the outside of the topic.

Fantastic visuals, the standards were pared with any major English movies. But the graphics are what, only the time machine and the rest were story with human characters. The first hour was so fun and romantic, and the remaining hour was a thriller that keeps picking the pace till the final battle. Overall a two hour movie, definitely short and sweet as an Indian film.

I liked everything in the movie, from an attempt to make this experimental movie for the first time to production quality and performances. But, other than the songs, without the romance track in the narration, still feels impossible to survive its own as a perfect sci-fi-thriller. Excluding a few minor flaws from the movie, this is a very good film considering a low-budget Tamil movie.

I have heard (might be rumours) there's a possible for a sequel and this time the guest actor, Arya will be making his presence in a full fledged role. It must happen, because it was a brilliant narrative that can go up to become a trilogy. Especially his star value would make the franchise reach every corner. For those who want to see it, I remind don't anticipate like of Hollywood, British films. For Indian standards, it was a much better than nonsense masala films. Highly recommended, if you have not tasted Kollywood yet, it might be a better one to begin with.


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Every act is fair from their own perspective!

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 14 September 2015 06:49 (A review of Papanasam)

The title represents a small town where the story takes place. An opportunity to see the old Kamal Haasan. It was like been ages, seen him in this kind of attire, especially Tirunelveli accent was phenomenal. As usual, his performance and expressions stole the show and none others were matched his par in the movie. Nothing wrong to call it was his show. Kind of addicted to 'Yeya En Kottikkaara' song. A typical Tamil song, if you are, you might feel the deep.

It was a remake of the Malayalam movie 'Drishyam', which was inspired by the Japanese novel 'The Devotion of Suspect X'. I have not seen the original movie, but seen the Japanese version based on the same book. There are no major comparisons, except the crime, the rest was completely rewritten to suit the Indian audience. But the writer denies, by saying neither book adaptation nor inspired.

I have heard that the narration was very emotional and the characters were more guilt feel than the Malayalam. Initially Rajnikath was considered for the main role, but happy it went to Kamal Haasan. None other than him would have suited better to portray Suyambulingam. He would definitely bring the emotions out of you easily. After Sivaji, he's the king of those roles. At the plenty of the scenes I was amazed by his execution, especially in the end scene when he finally breakdown with guilt.

I don't believe when people say the original version is a must watch. Every film industry in India has fine actors, especially this film recruited their best as of I have heard. So I recommend your native version or the closest one to opt. The advantage in the remakes are, a chance to fix if there were any flaws in the original. Since it was directed by the same filmmaker, I strongly suggest the neural audience to pick between the original and this one, because of the naturalistic portrayal of the rural family. But if you prefer stylish, especially for the non-Indian, there's always Bollywood.


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The day when the dogs stopped wagging their tails.

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 2 September 2015 07:35 (A review of White God)

This movie was a tricky one, because everyone cannot understand and everyone cannot enjoy it. In this modern world, the computer graphics are easily available to illude the audience, so who would still use the silly old practical trickery in a film making. Must have been the hard work to manage plenty of the dogs during the shooting. But I believe there are hardly any major CGI works other than the bluescreen works. If you get the movie, then that's fine, if not, you may get some ideas through this review. Before proceeding I just want to alert the readers the review might contain some spoilers which is not measured.

The Hungary's entry for the last concluded Oscars. The movie talks about a girl Lili in her early teenage, aspiring musician and her mixed breed dog name Hagen. When a circumstance forces them apart, the individual life journey begins for both of them. The girl becomes rebellious towards her father and the dog towards the human society like a piece of iron bar pulled away from the magnet. Will they unite again? Is the rest of the story with the breathtaking second half.

This dark fantasy (like dark comedy) film was like the old days, like the black and white beast or the monster films similar to 'King Kong' and others, where animals can think like humans, execute like humans, but still not a fairytale nor the science fiction. Because sci-fi applies theoretical probabilities, animal psychology et cetera, while fairytale is a magic. It will come between sci-fi and fantasy, most likely an adult version of the fantasy tale. Comparing it with 'Birds' is one hundred per cent not agreeable, because unlike the dogs, the birds' behaviours were unknown. But 'Conquest of the Planet of the Apes' was the closest one, and you can compare Caesar with Hagen.

It does not end there, I believe you all have seen the last year's genuinely written screenplay 'Lucy'. You may wonder why this comparison, because this film is about dogs, yet the title strangely pronounced as 'God'. What I understood was that Hagen was drugged with cocaine (white powder) like the blue powder in the other film and he started to change his personality. So that explains the coke was the 'White God' and the rest follows the story of revenge, leadership and ultimately the revolution.

It's hard to lose someone you love.
Things don't work out the way we imagined.

Off the record: Most of us know that the dogs are derived from the wolves. Yet they have lost the freedom compared to a few centuries ago who walked freely on the human streets. Every dog must have a master/owner or it will be put to sleep rather keeping and feeding them forever in the dog pound. So I think dogs are suffering more than the apes and they deserved the revolution (according to this film).

Animal abuse was highlighted in the movie. The story was descended from there and what happens if they takeover us is the movie's view. One of the weirdest movie of the year, but different and good. If you ever had a dog, you will know they were adorable, even in the violent scenes. Because they were just playing, but that does not the case for children and those who never been with dogs. Every shot that had dogs were cleverly achieved, the outcome was very convincing.

I have heard the crew used two brothers for the Hagen role. They both were awesome, equals to any main human characters from the movie. Another 250 mixed-breed stray dogs were participated in the film making and later most of them were adopted. Believe me the movie was a good one, but some people had a hard time accepting the oddity of the theme. It won a couple of awards at Cannes film festival, including one for the Hagen's character performance.

The Hungarian film industry to make into the international level, they should take the cue from this success and must bring the sequel with a broader cast. Nowadays, experimental movies like this are welcomed by the moviegoers around the globe. Definitely, an interesting story with the striking scenes and dialogues would make everyone turn toward the eastern Europe. Obviously I recommend this one, but never expect the style of Hollywood, it had approached its own way to give a pleasing movie.


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At war, it's not all about manpower, but strategy.

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 2 September 2015 07:29 (A review of The Admiral: Roaring Currents)

The highest domestic box office ever as well as internationally as a Korean movie. Based on the naval wars of Japanese invasion of Korea that took place in the last decade of the 1500s. The battle was fought for six long years, but this film focuses only the final one called 'Battle of Myeongnyang' in the year 1597. The famous face from the Korean filmdom, Choi Min-sik can be seen in the title role. For the international market, he was badly needed than the role wanted him. But I don't say that, he was amazing as always, like the character was specially created for him.

As an important historical subject of the Korea, it was a very carefully made flick. But the product was more commercialised than being practical, especially in the battle scenes. You can't expect logic and accurate historical account, but entertainment is promised as the film's main intention. Awesome visuals, but as I said lacks the reality. Not a bad film either, because a very much acceptable for having interesting tiny bits in the battle. The first half was more a drama and as we are viewers, there is a chance to lose the focus. Barely generates any interest, kind of a setback to the movie. Not even the character constructive was handled that better in those sections where it should have been.

Exactly after the first hour the pace picks up as the war commenced. Then it was a non-stop action, one must buckle up his seat belt for onwards to enjoy. Mostly never seen before style, because it was exhibited in the Korean style of a sea battle. It involves some kind of oceanography like the second half of the title say, 'Roaring Currents'. But not in a theoretical calculation rather a practical by observing the pattern and executing the plans like any old civilization was doing in any field. In one of the dialogue, the admiral uses the word 'virus' about fears spreading among his men. I don't think so the virus was discovered not before the late 19th century.

Fear does not discriminate,
it can equally affect our enemy.

It may be a Korean answer to the '300: Rise of an Empire'. There are no similarities, one is a fictional war and the other one is a biographical war film, but deals on the same theme. Especially when the hundreds of soldiers fight against the thousands, definitely reminds '300'. Actually, it was 12 Korean warships against the 330 Japanese fleets. There are so many characters, the editing was much better to give space for everyone to show their parts in this 2 long hour run. The music was equally matched to the visuals. It includes some emotional segments too, but not the appealing one like you are going to have tears rather the narration demanded it and it worked.

In the last two decades, Korean filmmakers going after the untouched territories and their success were inevitable. The quality of graphics in the world cinema is the revolution. Something is sure that now it does not belong to Hollywood alone. Because of this technology the world cinemas can compete with Hollywood. When I was a kid, my frequent question was 'why its so gloomy?'. The one thing I liked in this film was they were not afraid to create the battleground (atmosphere in the sea) in the daylight. You can see sunshine, shadows as well as gloomy as the clouds passing by. This film was a spectacular piece, that does not mean I said it a masterpiece. Like I always say, knowing/learning history through the films are easier than the textbooks. Hope there is a part 2, seems I want one.


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The fight for the Mona Lisa of Austria.

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 2 September 2015 07:24 (A review of Woman in Gold)

Based on the true story of an elderly woman, Maria Atman, who attempt to reclaim her aunt's portrait from the museum of her birthplace. Now she's an old and American citizen, but after her sister's death the possibilities favours her when she meets a young lawyer. So these two sets a journey on one focus, that is to reunite with the family's art. How? That's the story of this beautiful movie to tell.

Well, the story was a very good one as inspired by the real, but looks a so simple drama as a film, even the twist and turns. Only if it would have been a better narration, at least in a few important portions, the awards would have been poured on it rather just praises. Anyhow Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds combo were excellent, but individually she ruled and he was a low key performance. Though the overall movie wins with the inspiring characters than the narration.

The two different timeline stories edited into one random presentation. One is the past events and the other is the present that reveals simultaneously Maria's struggles. Really, it was better than I thought, one of the best drama with the backdrop of the world war 2. Everyone can't enjoy this flick, but certainly I feel I want to recommend it all.


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You can't respect the friendship by denying the fa

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 2 September 2015 07:11 (A review of Love, Rosie)

You can't respect the friendship by denying the facts.

Definitely a modern love story. The movie covers the story of the title character, Rosie's 12 years of life. From the night when she celebrates her 18th birthday till becomes the 30 year old mother. It's a long journey in the real life, and the movie report only the romance side of the life as it is a romantic comedy. Based on the book named 'Where Rainbow Ends', but lots of changes have been done to make a youthfully celebratible movie for the young generation.

Usually, the famous romantic dramas are slow, lengthy, and well developed characters. Of course, this one was a romcom, though, much better in many aspect with less emotions and swift pace. About the characters, it was Rosie's perspective and having Alex as a counterpart, the rest are not given much importance other than permits a fair display. Nowadays I kind like Lily Collins, she's cute, maybe it is a crush. But that does not the reason to I like this film, not entirely true. I find it somewhat atypical with many convincing scenes and lines.

The story is intensifyingly frustrates us as it takes extreme turns all the time just to make a further riddle and complicate. But that is how the screenplay survives or there won't be any story to tell. It might be Rosie's romance, but you don't have to be a woman/girl to enjoy this film. I don't believe such kind of categorisation, because in the earlier time everyone believed animation is for children only and then it proved wrong. So if a man can watch a movie without damaging his brain, losing his eyesight, or becoming paralysed, then I don't see an issue rather making up everything himself. Hope you all enjoy the movie as I did.


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Neeson is good at it, none other would've played b

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 2 September 2015 07:04 (A review of Run All Night)

Neeson is good at it, none other would've played better than him.

Pretty entertaining action flick with a fast paced narration. A typical Liam Neeson's movie. Take a gun and go hunt down the bad guys or protect loved ones from them kind of movie. Under his league, like always he was awesome. This has been a already heard story, like a trivia say. Yes, it was similar to 'Road to Perdition', but happens for a different reason and with the different cast. Still the movie was better that I expected.

I went speechless when I saw Neeson was begging in the opening scene. Because that's not his style, action heroes like him, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis et cetera, they don't fit in those roles. But what came just a few minutes later was like switching to second, third, fourth and fifth gear in a quick session. You know you can't judge a book by its cover, same applies for this as well. The film was good, I mean better than average, better than ratings and reviews across the web.

It was kind of unofficial 'A Man with a Gun' trilogy (I made it up) after 'Unknown' and 'Non-stop'. Because if you check it out all these three film's posters, Neeson will be seen with a gun in the similar fashion. Hope this director and actor comes together to do more movies in the future, since it is a rocking combo. Well, they all might not be the masterpieces, but enjoyable at the time of the watch. Especially it will not disappoint Neeson's fans.


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Wolves in a pack hunting for a beast-sheep.

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 26 August 2015 07:31 (A review of Big Bad Wolves)

The first thing I remembered was, 'Save the Green Planet', but it was a crime-thriller, not a fantasy-sci-fi. Tough guys in the leather jackets, guns in the one hand and cigars in the other, that's what I imagined when Tarantino favoured it. But this film was slightly not an aggressive like too violent. The screenplay was disturbed frequently when it begins to engage on the nervous side. Hence it makes you say 'just missed', sometime disappointedly. Anyway, no one told me it was a dark comedy, I took it as a surprise and somewhat enjoyed it.

It was on the serious subject, but not the presentation. Keeps everything lightly, especially conceals the dark side of truth for the final twist. For us, as the viewers, the prediction is two ways, either 'he did' it or 'he didn't' like taking a side. Film length was good with a moderate pace. There's no place for the characters to unroll with the proper introductions, including not even the opening event on which the whole film stands. From the beginning itself the writer wanted to save it for the final revelation. That's not smart, that's afraid of leaving hints.

Maniacs are afraid of maniacs.

Kind of similar to Hollywood's 'Prisoners'. Well, almost matches, except the characters and places. A good movie, but not that good. Well attempted, I am sure many would love this film. The narration is about kidnapping a guy on the suspicion of crime for a secret interrogation. It hauls in the remaining till advance to the crucial end part. In the mean time, the torturing techniques and the suspense hold our position.

Because of Tarantino's nod, it's an easy 'go for it', well, mostly for his fanbase. I say consider it and decide yourself after the watch, don't believe, not even me. To me it was the great opportunity missed to dominate, especially having a powerful title and theme. Still, I don't reckon it is a bad or worst movie, but surely one of the year's top 50 or maybe 25.

The movie was as I thought. The story and my anticipation were on the parallel track aiming the same direction. At least I was occupied, but the issue was, it did not go above my expectation to surprise me with some interesting elements. It flunks, like trying to fill the new wine in an old bottle with the old label and description in it. Stylish, but attempted to be too clever was the let down by the slimmest margin. On the other hand, as coming from the Israeli, it is exceptional.


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Being a child of a farmer and the rural life.

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 26 August 2015 07:27 (A review of The Wonders)

I begin by saying it was a sweet little Italian movie. It is not here to entertain you, but to give an alarming message. The world's human population is growing rapidly, but within, the farmer's counts are shrinking. Hunger will be one of the future's biggest concerns to deal. This film is about a farmer family that depicted from the perspective of what's causing for the people like them to disappear. There are a very few movies on this theme, in that, all the farmer's movies won't illustrate harvesting and hardworks rather focuses on romance, revenge and other subplots. I think this was true to what it was promised and you would feel glad watching this if you are capable to realise the facts.

A 12 years old girl, Gelsomina, with her parents and three younger sisters lives in a rural Italy. They are the bee farmers, living with a strict order of the life, especially when it comes to the profession. And this story was told from the Gelsomina's viewpoint about everything she and her family goes through. After her father who got no son, she has to carry on the family's tradition to the next generation. She's absolutely on it as she's naturally gifted and stronger than anyone in the family, including her father who's no match for her. Moreover, she's already running the family with moral. But when they reach a crossroad, some unexpected decisions have to be made which is basically the remaining portion.

You would need a slave.
Instead of 4 daughters.

I can't say it is a must see, because it is still a movie and looks for an opportunity in between to amuse you. Either, it is not afraid to unfold the reality, that's the best of this film. It had an amazing cast, but I don't know anyone of them, of course, except Monica Bellucci in a cameo. Cinematography was great, they were not trying to seduce the viewers with the beautiful countryside scenic rather presenting as it is. Beside the film let you know about bee keeping and honey extraction. It is not an easy job, thinking bees do all the work and we just snatch it using protection costume. But surrounding environment and all matters. There's no CGI, some of the dangerous scenes were shot under the guidance of the real pros with a specialised documentary crew.

It proves a coming-of-age story can also be told in this manner. Urbanising, hunters, tourism influx, name it... all these are affecting peace in the rural life. This film covers most of the factors in a simple fashion, It was not that easy for everyone to understand the end part as it contained two way meaning, literal and metaphor. One is a report card for the actuality and the other one is a cinematic conclusion. Overall, it tackles on the matured contents and children are the part of it, especially the last quarter all about them. And finally, everyone won't desire for a movie like this, but IMO certainly worth spending time for it.


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Independently a fine movie rather being associated

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 26 August 2015 07:22 (A review of Taken 3)

Independently a fine movie rather being associated with TAKEN.

Actually, it was not a bad movie, I really enjoyed it. But associated with 'Taken' and being the third film in the series was the setback. Because unlike the first two films, this one was somewhat detached from the original theme. Except the cast from the previous two, the story takes place in a completely different platform. From all the three films, the phone call between father and daughter was retained, but was not effective as the first one which became just a trademark of the series, that's all.

The first half creates the puzzle and next half solves it. As expected, it was a typical structure in this trilogy, but the last quarter was turned into something like 'Mission Impossible'. In 'Taken' films, Bryan Mills (our lead guy) works alone, but he formed a team with a tech guy and others. That does not sound good, at least tried to be different from the original movie.

It is a little disappointment for 'Taken' fans, but you will have a best shot if you see it as an independent one off movie. Yes could have made a better action flick if it was not linked to it. Hope it all ends here like they have said. As a trilogy, it failed, or maybe we can call it a 50-50. But the first one was a masterpiece, a trendsetting piece.


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